Jonatan Pedersen

Twenty years experience automating, prototyping and growth hacking the web.



AtDebitoorI am helping small businesses thrive by making invoicing and accounting straight forward.

AtCapevoI helped people file forms with the government by digitizing old paper forms.

At Edora I helped unemployed people and case workers by making it easier to book and attend meetings.

AtJobzonenI helped people find their next job by making it easier to search job postings.

AtVodafoneI helped people keep their phone contacts and photos safe by backing them up online.

AtYahoo!I helped people find the best offers online by making a better product search algorithm.


Debitoor is an awesome invoicing and accounting app for small businesses.

Debitoor dashboard

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Every byte counts when creating good user experiences for mobile devices and slow networks. Don't let the browser do unnecessary work. css-bingo finds all extraneous rules and selectors in your CSS, not used in your html, and removes them.


Git JSON Merge

Git merge driver for three way diff merging JSON files.



HTTP server that servers static file and outputs request headers and body. Useful for debugging integrations.